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Paint Brushes

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This year represents transformation and I can think of no better way to show up then with a good old fashion furniture makeover. These brushes are premium handled and their soft biodegradable bristles that help make even the biggest job easy to tackle. Available in 4 different styles to do 4 unique things. Save $11.97 if you bundle them all together (discount taken at checkout automatically with purchase of 4 brushes) 

Large Brush- best for painting projects. The round shape and bristle density holds a ton of paint making your paint time faster as you don’t have to reload constantly.

Pointy Medium Brush - perfect for working paints or glazes or wax into fine detailed areas. Rock the brush back and forth to work that product in. 

Small Round - perfect for stencilling, stippling or smaller details

Flat Wide- specialty finishes such as glazes or grains apply in a snap with this easy to handle flat brush. Drag across you project for a unique finish.