About Us & The Homestead


As a kid I used to go a couple doors down to our Local Hardware store. It had that smell when you walked in, the smell that happens when oiled floors, rubber boots, spinning racks of nuts and bolts, brackets, bikes, & housewares come together.

I never had a penny to spend there. But I loved to walk up and down the isles. Running my fingers along the racks and deciding where my imagination would take me that day.

If I had a pair of rubber boots I could check the depth of the newest town culvert. A new fishing pole might allow me to tag along with my older brother to the dugout. Hammer and nails could be the solution for the ultimate fort in Alice's Backyard (after a solid game of go fish of course). 

I have always had a passion for creating adventure. I love to make things while learning things. The process has to be simple and easy to keep me from chasing shiny things all day. A gypsy at heart I married a 4th Generation Farmer whose roots don't get much deeper. I crave new routines, new adventures and new ways to look at things, all while using simple ingredients and methods. 

So Welcome to Our Story. Where he prefers to colour in the lines and I prefer to see what happens to the crayons if I microwave them. We are quirky but we are Marshall, and we wouldn't have it any other way. 

Take a spin through our website. It's a curated collection of the things we love the most. Whether its a beautiful candle, a keepsake item or a good old fashioned simmer pot, there is something for everyone in this online version of a general store.

We are passionate about leaving this planet better for the next generation, so we try to market items that are locally made, with a focus on sustainability. We keep our products and packaging simple and biodegradable. Our candle vessels are often upcycled, with the majority of our products being made in the backyard. Our supplies are locally purchased and when the time comes to outsource, Our focus is to employee local people. We are big believers in community and want small business to thrive in this new economy as we all grow and adapt. Money spent in the community often stays in the community and helps us all to grow and thrive! Thank you for being a part of this new Shop Local Movement. I hope your heart is as full as your cart.




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