You Belong Among The Wildflowers - A Collaboration For Sustainable Success

Wildflowers are important for so many reasons. They are a natural food source for our pollinators, providing nutrition from pollen, nectar and leaves. They also provide a safe refuge to live and breed. As food becomes scarce in the winter, the seeds from the wildflowers provide food for many small birds and mammals.

Did you know that without pollinators many of our favorite foods such as strawberries, raspberries and apples wouldn’t grow? Without bees to carry the pollen from flower to flower, the plants would have to be artificially pollinated. That’s a job that just isn’t very practical or affordable.

As we prune and pluck and pretty our spaces to become more and more urban, it is important to include some flowers into the mix, so that we replace these precious homes for all the pollinators. This year, I am planning a wildflower bed (next to the pumpkins) and I’m hoping to see big results!

We came together for this Wildflower Collab with Kristin From Red Banjo Studios and Sarah from Home Hardware Lloydminster. Kristin brought her two beautiful daughters, Lola and Ruby, to act as our models. Home Hardware provided the prettiest back drop on the patio of their Timer Café. I packed up everything we needed to make some pretty flower bombs and  PTL News even came for an interview on a new feature called Sustainable Success!

When Kristin arrives with her girls in tow it was impossible not to smile from ear to ear. They were dressed in linens, with pretty palettes of color and texture. The sunglasses literally made me shriek with delight as the lenses provided little pink windows of the joy that radiated from this spunky duo.


Our lovely host Sarah whipped into the kitchen and brought us out two oat lattes to warm our hands and the sweetest Spring Sodas for the girls. The lattes were wrapped in a sleeve decorated by hand and Ruby & Lola were handed the prettiest drinks, with a live pansy floating on the top! I felt captivated by the girls and their wonder and discovery, as they discussed the flower and whether they should push the straw down into it or skirt it to the side. Children often are the best reminder of staying exactly in the present. I knew automatically by sharing space with these girls, this day would be magic.  

As the camera rolled, Sarah from Home Hardware and I discussed how to plant for success with our wildflower bombs. She was so kind and forthcoming with all the details and things we needed to know, such as waiting until May long weekend for the soil temps to be higher. The importance of planting into moist soil and showing us all the varieties that Home Hardware had available.   

Next Up Kristin and I talked about how to coordinate outfits when styling a shoot. She brought a beautiful chair that she had spent hours hot gluing moss and faux foliage to. To say it was stunning is an understatement! We also talked about something I wish existed when my kids were small…The Client Closet. It’s a curated collection that Kristin has put together with intention for special images. This collection spans all kinds of styles and eras and is a huge money saver when it comes to having a few different options for kids. They grow so fast it sometimes seems impractical to invest in that special linen dress or wispy tulle skirt. This is an amazing sustainable option to offer, and I thought it to be incredibly smart!


After the interviews it was time to get down to the business of making these flower bombs. The girls began cutting up the paper. 

Once the bowl was full of tiny squares, we emptied then into a food processor and Ruby add the water while Lola sprinkled in the wildflower seed. 

We hit the button and let the food processor do all the hard work of turning the mix into mash (you can do this step by hand). Once our pulp was good and ready, I removed the lid and safely transferred the pulp to a little bowl. The girls then each took about a teaspoon of mash and squeezed the excess water out and shaped them into little balls. 

We set them aside to dry and took out some already completed bombs. Lola cut the cardstock with planting instructions and added them to a clear cellophane bag. Ruby stuffed the bag with completed bombs and closed it up with a sticker.  Then Kristin styled the completed bombs and drinks and kids, and these beautiful pictures are the result!

My heart felt so full after this collaboration and the stars of the show were without a doubt Lola and Ruby. Shooting all their takes on the first, Not complaining once about the chilly weather or the length of time it took.  I was in awe of the magic in this special little duo.

Kristin was exactly what my soul needed this day. Bringing everything we needed including a professional eye to style it up so beautifully. Her talent shines through all of these pictures and the details blow me away.


A huge thank you to Sarah and Home Hardware for being such a gracious host. From the relaxed atmosphere to the wealth of free information. I always feel inspiration fill my cup when I arrive and I’m so thankful for such a local gem to be available. One so willing to include community really is the loveliest perk.


To PTL News for showing up and providing the staff and knowledge and encouragement to pair small makers with big hearts. I know this hasn’t been the easiest year for many of us. But this day left me hopeful we can continue on with these lessons to teach, learn and grow!    


This segment will air on the evening PTL News on May 7. You can watch live on Shaw CITL 180 or Bell CTV 237 or catch the recap Here

 If you would like to book a session or follow along with Kristin from Red Banjo Studios she can be found here:

To See what wonderful things Home Hardware Lloydminster has in store you can follow along here:

If you would like to make your own Wildflower bombs here is a link to the kit:

I hope you enjoy making them as much as we did! 

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